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17 February 2012 @ 12:27 am
I totally forgot I had an LJ.
23 July 2011 @ 08:10 pm
So Jkun and I finished playing Halo: Reach on Legendary difficulty today.
And also discovered that you can DRIVE TRUCKS.
Hijinks ensue.

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23 March 2011 @ 07:34 am
pro: Minamicon was great

pro: week off work and now only 2 days till payday aww yeah

con: need more sleep omg

pro: white van driving is empowering, I AM THE QUEEN OF THE ROADS

con: Mum got shingles whilst on holiday

con: only people who are run down/exhausted tend to be able to get it.


02 February 2011 @ 02:10 pm
So I play Modern Warfare 2 a bit with the tech guys at work.

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06 January 2011 @ 01:52 pm
Time to jump on the bandwagon for a 2011 post and a bit of a 2010 recap whilst I sit here at work munching on my fruit based lunch since I was too lazy to make anything proper this morning...

Uh anyway.
So. Christmas was same as always, family affair, my uncles family came down from Marlow and we all hung out on boxing day as is customary. Nothing too interesting this year since i was terribly lack luster in coming up with ideas for christmas presents. But I did get a sweet 22" TV/moniter from my parents for my soon-to-be-PC (if the case ever materialises in the post....).

Spent new years and pretty much half a week either side down in London where much spackery commenced.

And now, back to work like per normal. Where I am the most multipurpose administrator ever, having already fixed a door this week >:O! (I swear this stuff wasn't in my job description).


 ~ Pretty much all of the first half of 2010 was taken up with my final two terms of university and finishing off my degree.

~ Handing in my dissertation in March was probably one of the most satisfying feelings ever. 

~ I worked for three weeks in a secondary school which was interesting.

~ I consequently skived off early one day from school to go with my housemates and get our results, which is probably the best feeling of relief this year! 

~ I had my left bottom wisdom tooth extracted, and so had my first general anaestetic which was... weird.

~ I applied for NATS, which is the National Air Traffic Services, didn't get through the second round of testing. Depending on how it all goes I can reapply next year in summer.

~ I got a job! After spending two months looking for one, I got my first invite for an interview, and got the job, awww yeah. And it's turned out to be enjoyable, and probably given me an extremely unrealistic view of office work since this is far far from your average work environment. I get on well with everyone and it's been pretty fun so far! No signs of getting the sack for the time being, this job with Rocktime will last until september, so a year to save some money, get a reference and hopefully go into something not office-related.

~ Best bit of luck for 2010: someone was handing around an avaiation magazine at my dads work and he noticed an advert for a sponsorship pilot training with Flybe, photocopied it and bought it back home. Sent off an application for it the day after, made it into the next interview stage, and made it through that one too, so from 200+ applicants I am down to the last 16. My next interview is on the 11th of January, then it will go down to 10, then after that there will be a final interview to get it down to the last 6. I've spent the past week revising the company, the planes etc etc. Wish me luck!

Hopes for 2011:

Get fitter - I wasn't bad at the tail end of university and even did some running over summer, but all this sitting around in an office and not getting back home until after dark is making me feel lethargic. Already changed my diet and cut out snacking, going to aim starting running again once or twice a week over the weekend until the weather improves, then if I'm still at Rocktime I'll start cycling to and from work. Saves money and gets me healthier. YEAH!

Get back into a sport of some kind - Biking/airsofting or badminton again, not sure. I used to do rock climbing indoor & out and would love to do that again but sadly there's nobody around here who I could ask to come with me and it really is a two person hobby. Am hoping to go airsofting next weekend, can't wait!

If I don't get the flybe sponsorship I would like to save up some money this year for potential relocation for a job slightly more intune with my interests, but I've got my fingers crossed over the First Officer training position!

In other news I have my Class 1 JAR Aviation medical tomorow. Here's hoping I dont have some kind of horrific underlying heart condition, and if I do I'm gonna be super sad I paid £330 to find it!
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16 November 2010 @ 02:11 pm
Mission "Lets get fit!" starts next week chaoz_jamez ! ARE YOU READYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Anyone else who wants to join in, feel free, we'll be doing the Couch to 5k which is 9 weeks of pretty gentle running for people who are pretty unfit. I'm far from a total slob, but starting out gently doesn't hurt!

Then maybe after that we'll move onto the RAF fitness training which I have around somewhere at home, I can't find a .pdf of it online at work right now but I know there's one somewhere.
13 October 2010 @ 10:03 pm
Story time -

I am a creature of habit. I leave work at 5:30pm, get to the bus station by 5:40pm and get the 5:45pm bus home. Today there was DEVIATION FROM THE NORM and the 5:30pm bus was delayed, it turned up at the bus station as I got there, so what the heck I think, I'll get that. Maybe I'll get home earlier (it goes a slightly different route) and even if not, sitting on a warm bus is preferable to standing in the cold waiting.

So I get on, I flash my bus pass for the week and stare in slight dismay to notice there aren't any free seats, being one of the last people to get on. I resign myself to sit in one of the fold down chairs that faces sideways rather then forwards, where the wheelchair would go were there one on the bus.

But there isn't so I take the second side-ways foldy down seat, next to an older gentleman. Little do I know this proves to be a TERRIBLE DECISION. 

None the less! Off we go! Back to Wimborne! Hurrah! We pull out of Poole bus station and there I am listening to my iPod (Calvin Harris, fyi, don't judge me on my music tastes ok). A few minutes later, I notice my good gentleman neighbour on the "worst seats in the bus" is animatedly talking and motioning. At me. So out of politeness (mistake) I take out my earphones thinking he is trying to tell me something important.

"I 'ate sittin' facin' sideways"

I can sympathise, when one has the option of facing forward on their mode of transport, I find that by far the more preferable orientation. I agree with him.

"Yeah, I can't say I go a bundle on it too, sitting facing forwards is the best."

"Yeah! Think about it this way, we're never gonna see what comes towards us,"

"I think I'd prefer not being able to see that..." I mumble quietly, he overrules my opinion, raving more about how he has to crane his neck to see forwards.

"Uhhh..." I trail off slightly. Not sure what to make of this. "At least we're not facing backwards!" I say enthusiastically, "that's the worst!"

"Yeah! That way you're definitely not going to see what kills us!"

"Well... I was just going to say that actually I feel motion sickness when I travel backwar..." I say meekly, before being cut off with another exuberant hand motion.

"All I'm going to see before we die is some green," he waves manicly out of the window oposite us, there are trees, "And some old biddies!" He motions generally in the area of a pair of old ladies, they don't seem to have heard him and continue discussing whatever it is that old ladies discuss after an exciting day in Poole.

At a small lull in the topic of conversation, I attempt in vain to put my earphones back in, the universal sign of 'I don't want to talk to you any more'

He doesn't seem to have heard of that one though.

"I want to be a bus driver really."

I decide to avoid making a comment on this.

"So are you a student?"

"Uh, a post grad, I work in Poole."

"Oh? Where do you live?

"Oh, um, Wimborne."

"Oh really? Me too!"


23 September 2010 @ 07:33 am
Oh my, for once I posted something to my dA account and didn't first upload it onto LJ, the world is coming to an end. To rectify that, here is my new deviant art ID image ;o but I noticed there's some messy colouring when I look at it on my ipod (cause for some reason it puts a darker background behind the image, and I can see where I failed and cleaning up edges >: ) BUT OH WELL.


In other news, I am now over halfway through my first week at work - getting the buses into work kinda sucks because depending on what bus I get I either turn up a bit late or way too early. I still don't have a key to let myself in so I end up chilling out in the shopping centre for 20 min playing on my DS before I go buzz myself up into work. Getting the bus is nice in a way I guess cause I can be mindless and take a nap, but urgh if I could drive in I could leave 30 minutes later and still get to work in time hurr.

Oh, and one of the directors at work brings his dog, Kobi, to work. And Kobi has learnt that I am the giver of scratches behind ears and tummy rubbings. So if I ever start gushing about a Kobi and work, it's not a workmate, it's a lovely cute little springer spaniel :3 Who trots around the offices on the hunt for dropped food :33

Also it's raining and I dun wanna have to walk in the rain D;

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16 September 2010 @ 11:43 pm
amg I put lineart on stuff. Not very neat lineart but whatevar. I'll finish it tomorow or the weekend.

Dragons lul